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Funky bike tour - another side of Tallinn

Beneath the shining modernity and medieval charm, Tallinn has another side. You needn't look far beyond the Old Town's walls to discover a whole new Tallinn with its wooden houses, Soviet industrial landscapes and well hidden retreats.

If you want to discover what Estonia is really about then join the
Funky Bike Tour. The quiet backstreets of the Kalamaja district - voted one of the top 20 hipster neighbourhoods in the world - snake through a neighbourhood rich in history and to top it all off, you'll get to taste the life in what was once the most notorious prison in the country. Don't worry - it tastes quite nice.

The funky bike tour covers: the Russian Market, Patarei Prison, Kalamaja area, Former KGB Headquarter, Kopli seaside, Soviet Architecture and a fun shopping game!

The tour lasts 3 hours and is suitable for all ages.Tour includes tour programme, guide services, bike equipment. We also provide children's equipment (bike trailers, children’s bikes, bike seats, child bike tow bars).

We drive at a moderate pace and go through areas where you can see the treasures of Soviet architecture and other great views. The life of that era is introduced from a humorous perspective.

• Enjoy a relaxed bike ride and explore Tallinn
• Visit Kalamaja, one of the top 20 hipster neighbourhoods in the world
• Walk inside the haunting grounds of Patarei prison

One of many favourites - bike, Segway and loquiz tours

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