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Gastronomic tour - flavours of Estonia

What is the traditional Estonian cuisine - Nordic cuisine with a twist, or German or Russian? To find out, take a guided stroll in Tallinn Old Town and have the dining experience at some of the best local cafés and restaurants.

During this gastronomic walking tour of Tallinn Old Town, you will discover the most beautiful spots of this historic city and take a look into Estonian history and present day, as well as experience the flavors and stories of Estonian cuisine. On the way, there will be great food stops – street stalls, a medieval-themed tavern, local cafes, a chocolate museum, a nearby market, and a few surprises. Get a unique experience of the city and enjoy a meal (or several!) at the same time on this fun food tour for the whole family.

The tour starts at Old Town where you will have your first taste of the medieval style Estonian cuisine. After the medieval bite you will proceed with a guide through Tallinn Old Town visiting some small cafes for other tastes of Estonia and finally end up at Balti Jaam Market. The guide will introduce Estonian cuisine and talk about the history of Tallinn's Old Town between tastings. Common Estonian tastes include foods such as sprat with black bread and Kama (a flour drink). Samplings of local beer are a must at the end point, in Kalamaja.

Estonian food is an interesting mixture of local produce and foreign influences, of changing tastes and old traditions.

Head isu (bon appetite)!

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