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Marzipan painting in the marzipan museum

Did you know, that according to the legend, marzipan was invented in Tallinn? The marzipan museum room gives a good overview of the history of marzipan – how the medicine made at the pharmacies during the Middle Ages became a well-known sweet.

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Visit a Marzipan workshop during your stay in Tallinn and learn about Marzipan painting. Learn under the guidance of a professional marzipan painter and shape according to your wishes. It is an ideal opportunity to have an exciting and equally amusing event.

One of the oldest sweets made in Estonia already in the medieval times is marzipan – a sweet made of almonds and powdered sugar. Marzipan, which was considered as a medicine, was first made in Estonian pharmacies, more precisely in the oldest constantly operating pharmacy in Europe – Tallinn Town Hall Apothecary. This pharmacy was first mentioned in written sources in 1422. Today marzipan is considered a healthy and nourishing sweet and it is manufactured in a Tallinn confectionery factory.

Depending on the complexity of the design, each figure can take between five minutes to six hours to paint, using natural paints made from vegetables.

The exhibition displays approximately 200 marzipan figurines, cards and cakes, which have been made with molds that are more than a hundred years old. During the workshop, participants will learn how to make marzipan and little marzipan figures, and mix dyes used for painting marzipan. After that, everyone can paint their own figure (approximately 100 g) just the way they like it.

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