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Estonia - an ideal destination for bird watching

Despite not being widely discovered yet, Estonia is ideal for viewing one of the most stunning natural shows – bird migration. The indented coastline, numerous islands, forests and bogs, diverse landscapes are all great spots for bird watching.

Duration: 8-9hClothing: ComfortableBy: Bus and foot
The best time for bird-watching is during migration, when millions of birds fill the skies. Thanks to the number of Ramsar wetlands of international importance and the diverse landscapes, birds are abundant in Estonia – over 380 species can be seen; over 200 species also nest here. Estonia is ranked 2nd in Europe for the number of bird species sighted here.

KingfishersWoman watching birdsBirds in grass

Estonia is second in Europe after Spain in terms of number of species seen during migration. During seven-to nine-day trips, 180-190 species can usually be seen, and the lucky can glimpse more than 200. Estonian infrastructure is well-suited for bird-watching, and observation towers can be found almost everywhere.

The bird tourism season begins as early as March, when the primary magnet is Steller’s eider (Polysticta stelleri), which winters on Saaremaa. Spring migration culminates in mid-May and the bird observation season winds down by mid- June. The autumn migration is more modest, but draws enthusiasts to Estonia in September and October as well. You will almost certainly hear the powerful trumpet sounds of the flocks of cranes during this time.

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