Active Tours Estonia - Brown bear watching and photography

Brown Bear and wildlife watching hide

We offer the possibility to spend an unforgettable night in our brown bear and wildlife watching hide.

Duration: ~15h, including a nightClothing: Warm and comfortableLevel: Easy walking

During this tour you will spend a night in the brown bear watching hide. From there it is very good possibility to see brown bears. The hide is comfortable and cozy, inside are bunk beds and dry toilet. It is possible to take pictures through glass and photo hatches. Hides are located in Alutaguse, N-E of Estonia. In Estonia there are about 700 Brown Bears, 300 of them live in this core area. It takes 1,5 hours drive from Tallinn or Tartu to Alutaguse. Besides the bears there is a great chance to see raccoon dogs, different birds, sometimes foxes, wild boars and rare visitors are pine martens, wolves, elks, badgers, golden and white-tailed eagles.

  • Warm clothes and comfortable (preferably waterproof) footwear are necessary. It can be quite chilly at night
  • Season: End of April - October
  • It is possible to stay in hide every night 17.00 – 8.00
FoxBearRaccoon dog

There are 3 hides:
  • The big hide has room up to 10 people. It has bunk beds, a dry toilet, viewing windows, photo hatches, chairs and sleeping bags.
  • The lux photo hide accommodates 2 people and has same conveniences.
  • Mini photo hide is for one person and doesn’t have toilet or bed. It has photo hatches to 3 directions and is more on ground level height.

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