Active Tours Estonia - Two day tour along the shores of lake Peipus

Two day tour along the shores of lake Peipus

The natural and ethnic landscape of Peipsimaa area is as diverse and nuanced as Estonian history. Peipsi area is home to Old Believers, a traditional religious minority recognised as hard-working and skillful fishermens and keen onion cultivators.

Duration: 2 daysClothing: ComfortableBy: Bus and foot

The day tour includes the following highlights:
  • Peispsimaa Museum, get acquainted with old-believers
  • Mesi Tare Guesthouse, authentic old-believer’s household
  • Alatskivi Castle, an Architectural Gem
  • Cruise on lake Peipus, view the area from the lake
  • Kostja Onion Farm, most famous onion cultivator in the area
  • Kalevipoja Museum, created for our great Epos

Alatskivi castleOnion farmPeipsi shore

Lake Peipus is the largest trans-boundary lake in Europe, lying on the border between Estonia and Russia.
Here you’ll find aristocratic mansions, lighthouses, traditional market culture and colorful cottages marking the onion route.

Peipsimaa Museum unites all areas of lake Peipus. It is possible to get acquainted with old-believers' household, church and kitchen culture, icon painting and the life of Lake Peipsi. There is a special exposition dedicated to world famous icon painter Pimen Sofronov, who descends from the nearby village. In Alatskivi Castle you can get acquainted with the life and history of an aristocratic family and meet the various servants who worked in the manor a century ago.

About the tour:
  • Suitable for FIT and groups
  • Private tours are available in Estonian and English
  • Entrances, meals and accommodation is included