Round-Trips - Air - Against Gravity

A 5 day tour that brings the law of gravity to test

Looking for ways to spice up your holiday and taste the real Baltic culture - prepare yourself for an adrenaline rush! On this tour, we will take you on an adventure that will give you the thrills.

Sample program:

Day 1 – Riga – arrival

Arrive to Riga, time for check in at the hotel.

Riga Beer and Black Balsam Tour (2-3 hours)

We will start with a tour, that will get your taste buds going and give you a glimps of the beverage culture of Latvia. We will take you for an informative stroll around the city, stopping off for some great beverages on the way.
The local Riga beers you will try are not your typical bar beers but the more unique varieties produced by the many smaller Latvian breweries. The Riga Black Balsam is sure to be loved by some hated by others, but it is a must try for anyone visiting Riga. After all, what was the phrase? ‘When in Rome’.

The tour includes fun and entertaining tour guide, a shot of Riga Black Balsam and a few local Latvian beers. We will make a route that
suits your group, the venues, the time of day and the pace at which you want to enjoy the excursion. This is a fun way to get to know the beautiful city of Riga at a relaxed rhythm surrounded by locals.

Free time for dinner

Overnight at Riga

Day 2 – Riga – Sigulda - Pärnu

Breakfast at the hotel, departure for Sigulda Aerodium

Sigulda Aerodium (2-3 hours)

Do you wish to fulfil mankind's ancient dream - to fly freely in the air? Then we must head over to Aerodium! It is a vertical wind tunnel that allows to soar in the air - just like a free fall. Aerodium is the first of it’s kind in Eastern Europe.

Wind flow in the tunnel is so powerful that no wings are necessary to get in and fly. By changing the body's position, the laws of aerod flight time is 2 minutes. The completer flight process includes briefing, putting on the equipment, warm-up exercises and then the flight. Those who wish to fly are encouraged to attend in free and comfortable clothing. All of the necessary equipment is provided by the flight company.

Lunch in Sigulda, departure for Pärnu

Arrive in Pärnu, free time for dinner

Overnight at Pärnu

Day 3 – Pärnu – Jõekääru – Tallinn

Breakfast at hotel, departure for Jõekääru Lodges

Kiiking at Jõekääru Lodges (4 hours)

If the previous day has left you with the longing for more adrenaline and great heights, then kiiking is something you should definitely try! Kiiking is a sport invented in Estonia, the aim of which is to pass over the spindle with the swing. The first kiiking swing was made in 1993 by Ado Kosk from Pärnu, Estonia.

If you think that kiiking is a piece of cake, then think again! You'll need plenty of stamina and a bit of physical strength. Kiiking will give you the opportunity to reach the border between sky and earth, to face your fears and finally overcome them. Unlike other adrenaline-charged sports, kiiking is safe and secure. In order to ensure safety, your hands and feet are fastened to the shafts and the swing seat with special straps.

Lunch in Jõekääru, departure for Tallinn

Arrive in Tallinn, free time for dinner

Overnight at Tallinn

Day 4 – Tallinn – Kohila – Riga

Breakfast at hotel, departure for Kohila

Tohi Gin Distillery excursion and lunch (3 hours)

Release the jinn (aka genie – that sounds almost as „gin“!) out of the bottle. During the excursion, the guide explains, how gin is made and probably spill some secrets. Gin tasting– but of course. Test your nose – can you recognize cassia bark, juniper berries of Immortelle flower notes? You will learn about the fascinating history of the distillery and get to know how a contemporary craft gin is created, bottled and labelled.
After the tour the lunch is served in distilley building

Departure for Riga

Arrive at Riga, free time for dinner

Overnight at Riga

Day 5 – Riga – departure

Free leisure until departure
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