Sightseeings Estonia - The oldest brewery in Estonia - Saku

Beer brewing since 1820

The beer museum of the brewhouse introduces the centuries old beer traditions of Estonia and Saku Brewhouse, as well as the history of production and technology.

Saku Õlletehas was established in 1820, when the owner of Saku manor, Karl Friedrich Rehbinder decided to set up a small brewery at his manor. Documentation has proven that the first brewing period at the Saku beer house took place in October 1820. By 1899, Saku Õlletehas had become the biggest brewery in North Estonia and had built its own railway line between Saku and Tallinn.

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Throughout history, quality lager beer and Baltic porter have played a key role in the Saku beer portfolios. These beers have been exported all over the world, from the Russian Empire to the developed beer markets in Europe.

From the year 1820 onward the beer masters of Saku have brewed good Estonian beer from the best local groundwater, malt, hops and yeast. As the oldest brewery in Estonia, we take pleasure in introducing to you our history, production process and products. Guided tours are organised daily between 10:00 and 19:00. Exceptionally, it is possible to organize tours in the evenings and weekends, but in this case it may happen that you can´t see all the procedures relating. Visitors are invited to check out the museum filled with interesting beer related relics from the days of yore, take the tour of the operational brewery and hoist a few back or grab a bite in Brewhouse Pub. The group will get to taste ten different Saku drinks.

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