Sightseeings Lithuania - Jewish Heritage in Vilnius

Day in Vilnius discovering Jewish heritage

During the interwar period, almost a third of Vilnius's population was made up of Jewish families. It was a real golden age for Yiddish culture: Jewish scholars and rabbis lived in the city, and it was home to over 100 synagogues and prayer.

Day tour includes following highlights:
-the Gates of Dawn with a holy image of the Virgin Mary
-Vilnius University Ensemble
-Panorama of the city from Subacius hill and “Cheap Houses” on Subaciaus street
-Choral Synagogue
-Old Jewish quarter
-the Great Vilna Synagogue, Vilna Gaon - the great Jewish scholar
-the territory of the Large and Small Ghettoes
-Jewish State Museum

Lithuania was historically home to a large and influential Jewish community that either fled the country or were murdered during The Holocaust in Lithuania. Before World War II, the Lithuanian Jewish population was some 160,000, about 7% of the total population.
In folklore Litvaks (Lithuanian Jews) were known for their love of education, no-nonsense straight-talk, and sardonic wit. They first settled in Vilna, as the capital was and still is known in Jewish culture, from around the time of its founding in 1323.
Some 94 percent of the Litvaks perished in the Holocaust, the highest percentage of genocide in Europe. Today, a small community of around 5,000 Litvaks make bold efforts to maintain their heritage.

About the tour:
-Duaration 6h
-Suitable for FIT and groups
-Private tours are available with your preffered languages.
-Lunch included

*Option to add Trakai Castle visit into the tour