Travel Expert Is Your Partner

Travel Expert Is your Partner

Travel Expert Ltd. (Reisiekspert is our Estonian brand name) was founded in 1995. We provide full range of DMC and travel services in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Finland and Scandinavia.

Our tours are designed exactly to meet your clients' needs

be it a series of holiday tours or a tailor-made conference or product presentation, an incentive or special-interest tour, or a high-profile state delegation. Unique programs, out of the box thinking and with eye for detail are our strong points.

Our guided tour packages include:

inspirational (E-Estonia), cultural, historical, social, adventure, activity and team-building based programs to suit every interest.

Our staff has

a first-hand experience and excellent knowledge of the local service providers we believe in quick responses and clear communication. Within 24 hours we respond to your request with additional questions or comments and start working on the request. From the proposal stage we work side by side with you in creating the best possible program for the group bearing in mind budget, profile and desired outcome.

DMC Travel Expert presentation

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