Round-Trips - Discover fantastic Estonian islands

Island hopping

A 6-day private tour to discover Estonian different and absolutely unique islands.

You have amazing opportunity to visit and see the most spectaculare sights of Muhu Island (Koguva village and Muhu Church), Saaremaa (Kuressaare and its famous castle, Angla windmills etc.), Hiiumaa (Kõpu lighthouse) and Vormsi in its beauty.

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Sensational Saaremaa

Saaremaa is the largest island of Estonia and the second largest in the Baltics. Its known by its well-restored medieval castle, working windmills, Kaali meteorite crater and historical city of Kuressaare.

Historical Hiiumaa

Hiiumaa, the second largest island of Estonia, is a result of a meteor burst. Isle is famous for its lighthouses, picturesque and sincere nature and the sense of humor about the neighbours - the people of Saaremaa.

Magnificent Muhu

Magnificent Muhu island, with its 52 sleepy villages and 1872 habitants, is situated 153km from the capital of Estonia. The total area of the island is 198 km², which makes it the third largest island of Estonia and in the whole Baltic sea.

Variegated Vormsi

Estonias 4th largest island is Vormsi with total area only 92 km². It's worth to visit not only because of the nature and absolutely different lifestyle but as well for the world's largest collection of stone circle crosses in Vormsi Cemetery.

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