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Journey on the Soviet tracks

A famous Estonian poet has said “One, who does not remember the past, will live without the future”. Our tour will take you on the tracks of the Soviet era and gives you a glimpse of the times of occupation.

Duration: 6hLanguage: EnglishBy: Bus and footClothing: Comfortable
We begin our tour at the Hotel Viru and KGB Museum, where you will learn how the KGB operated during the Soviet times in Hotel Viru, which was meant for foreigners with advance bookings only. Our journey continues on foot through Old Town to Vabamu Museum of Occupations and Freedom, where you will hear the story of Estonia and Estonians through personal memories and moving stories of our grandparents.

Next, we will visit one of the most notorious pre-trial prisons operated in the basement of the building at 1 Pagari Street during the Soviet occupation. The former KGB prison cells are now open to the public and tells the stories of arrested Estonian politicians, civil servants, intellectuals, veterans of the War of Independence, but also ordinary people, who were beaten and tortured there, and then sentenced to death or imprisonment.
Our tour will continue with a car ride, to see a few iconic landmarks of the Soviet architecture like the Tallinn City Hall (Linnahall) and Tallinn Song Festival Ground stage.

Museum of Occupations and FreedomSong Festival GroundsMemorial for the Victims of Communism

We will end our tour at the Memorial for the Victims of Communism. Estonia lost the fifth of its slightly over one million inhabitants, with more than 75,000 assassinated, imprisoned, or deported.  The memorial consists of two parts: Teekond (Journey) has more than 22,000 plaques with the victims’ names and the symbolic Koduaed (Home Garden) with informative texts and location stones. A monument to Estonian military officers who fell victim to communist terror is part of the memorial. The monument complex commemorates the victims of communism and is a reminder of the fragility of freedom and human life. The car will transfer you back to the meeting point.

If you have any special requests you would like to include in the tour, let us know!

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