Active Tours Estonia - Racing Day at Laitse Rally Park and an Antique Cars Collection

85 EUR

Spend a day full of adrenaline and fun at Laitse Rally Park!

Only a 30 minute drive from the centre of Tallinn and you have arrived at a car theme park that is full of experiences!

2-5 persons, per person150 EUR
6-12 persons, per person105 EUR
13-19 persons, per person85 EUR
You will have the opportunity to race with real BMW or Lada rally cars on Estonia's biggest 2,3 km long double track. It takes about 10 minutes to ride the minumum two full laps at the rally park. At Laitse Rally Park anyone with an elementary driving skills can practice this. A rally sprint competition can be organised for company events and bigger groups of people, where both double tracks can be used for “one on one” competition in rally cars. After the rally driving an awards ceremony can be carried out on the podium. You can come driving alone or with a bigger group!

Laitse ParkLaitse ParkLaitse Park

If you are interested and passionate about antique cars then there’s a huge collection of unique cars at Laitse Rally Park. The collection includes around 50 beauties of which some are used for fun and wedding rides from spring to autumn period. How noticeable is the difference between these and modern cars? At Laitse Rally Park you can undoubtedly see the most presentable BMW collection in Estonia, some of the cars are not available anywhere else in Estonia.

Additional options:
  • go-karting on an outdoor go-karting track (600m)
  • UAZ drive on an off road track (700m)
  • co-drive an old Lada VFTS rally car
  • classic cars expo and rental for weddings or fun drives
  • soviet cars rental for self drive
  • traffic city and gamehouse for children and families
  • rally simulator
  • sauna cottages
  • seminar rooms
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