Active Tours Estonia - Hiiumaa – Tour around the lighthouses

The second largest island in Estonia - Hiiumaa

Join for a fun day exploring Hiiumaa.

Duration: 14hClothing: ComfortableBy: Bus and foot

The day tour includes the following highlights:
  • Crossing the Väinameri sea by ferry
  • Incredible views on top of the Tahkuna and Kõpu lighthouses
  • Kärdla - The only town on the island
  • Romantic Kassari Chaper, old graveyard and an idyllic peninsula
  • Surreal desert landscape in the middle of a pine tree forest
  • Remarkable variety of wildlife (over 1000 species of plants – 50 of them rare and under protection)

Hiiumaa, Tahkuna beachHiiuma peninsula aerialHiiumaa, Tahkuna lighthouse

Hiiumaa - an island in the Baltic Sea, rich by versatile, beautiful and intact nature and nice people. In Estonia it is difficult to find a place with more picturesque nature than it is on the island of Hiiumaa. The variety of landscapes is what makes Hiiumaa a desired place to come. You can circle the island hitting all the must-see places. Hiiumaa has two awesome lighthouses, Tahkuna and Kõpu. You can discover a man-made small desert in the middle of the island and explore a Soviet army underground bunker . You can visit Kassari peninsula which is is a very interesting area with its unique nature and romantic Kassari Chapel with an old graveyard. Come and find out why the Guardian listed Hiiumaa as one of the best European islands.

About the tour:
  • Suitable for FIT and groups
  • Private tours are available with your preferred languages
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