Active Tours Estonia - Visit the Isle of Women!

Enjoy Kihnu Island and its cultural heritage

Explore Kihnu - also known as the Isle of Women - its traditional way of life and colorful clothing.

Duration: 13hClothing: ComfortableBy: Boat and footPrice: 649 EUR/valid for 1 person319 EUR/per person, valid for 2 persons

The day tour includes the following highlights:
  • Kihnu unique island culture-The island of Kihnu is home to a close-knit community of about 700 inhabitants, who value old traditions along with their local language and songs. Singing and dancing are integral parts of life for the locals.
  • Traditional clothing that mothers and grandmothers have passed down the necessary techniques, patterns and cuts to their daughters from their earliest childhood
  • St. Nicholas Church
  • Kihnu National Museum, provides an overview of the history of the island, including the life of the famous captain Kihnu Jõnn

Kihnu women dancingKihnu LighthouseYoung Kihnu girl

Throughout centuries, the men of Kihnu have spent most of their time at sea, while the women have become keepers and carriers of cultural heritage, which includes handicrafts, dances, games and music of the island. To this day, you can see the women of Kihnu riding motorbikes wearing Kihnu homespun striped skirts (a kört in Estonian).

In order to experience old traditions, it is best to visit Kihnu during folk or church calendar holidays, for example, on Midsummer Day, St. Catherine's Day or during Christmas. Culture lovers are sure to be delighted by home visits, truck car tours and fishing trips. A beautiful view of the entire island, the surrounding islets and the sea opens up from the top of the local lighthouse.

Day tour includes:
  • Private car transfer to Munalaid harbour from pax hotel (vv.)
  • Return ferry ticket from Munalaiu to Kihnu
  • Local English speaking guide on the island
  • Bicycle rent on the island
  • Entrance to St. Nicholas Church and Kihnu Museum
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